Some Of Your Colleagues Have Got

Their Business In Shape With Me

Being great at transforming people’s lives does not automatically lead to clients

Word of mouth and referrals are a really hard, inconsistent way to grow your business.

And sleazy marketers offer you the same tired and rehashed tactics they picked up from some course or ‘guru’.

Just like working out, there are no shortcuts to success in growing your coaching business.

You need three fundamentals to get in shape:

The right diet. The right trainer. The right set of exercises.

When growing your business, you need three fundamentals too:

The right people. The right offer. The right content.

And when it comes to flexing your content... it’s better to be lean.

Helping people

is your calling

Getting you clients is mine

The LEAN CONTENT GAME PLAN™ is kinda like a full-body workout routine for your content.

Much like you don’t just bench press when you go to the gym, neither should your content be limited to one area only…

I create a content routine built around four core sets:

  • Enhance your tribe.
  • Grow authority with HIITs
  • Tone your relationships
  • Increase your business strength
I don't skip leg day!
Here's the routine helps BURN LOVE HANDLES AWAY for your coaching business
Assessment session
We'll measure your business' BMI and size to create the best protocol.
Routine Building
We'll plan out the mix and sets to ensure we are working on the areas that your business needs.
This is the hard work - doing the reps. Putting it out there. No worries, we’ll do it for you!
We'll check progress against a number of indicators to check we are on track and getting into shape.

A leaner content routine, a fitter business

Creating lean content is a timesucker.

Growing tribes takes time, even if you know what you’re doing.

Much like you don’t get instant results after one day at the gym!

But when you follow a set routine that has been proven to get results, it’s only a matter of time before your business is in the best shape ever!

By following the LEAN CONTENT GAME PLAN™, you will get:

The right content routine to keep your fitness coaching business sharp.

Hi, I'm Juan Pablo. The LEAN social STORYTELLER

I created a content routine to get your business fit.

A 4-step protocol to get your business in shape:

Tribe building
Social Storyelling
Getting fit for summer
  • 1. An energetic set of tribe enhancers
    As a warm-up, we’ll grow your tribe of ideal fans! Whether you’re starting out or you want to bulk up, there’s a custom enhancer for you.
  • 2. A vigorous set of authority HIIT
    Time to break a sweat! Here your content starts the heavy lifting and positions you as the leader of that tribe.
  • 3. An intense set of relationship toning
    Oh boy, time for some iron! We’ll make sure those fans know you and love you so they say “yes” to you and your life-changing program.
  • 4. A super-charged finisher of business growth
    And, as a finisher... we’ll drive those fans to your program, and they will buy from you!

So if you and your business are ready to get in the best shape of their lives, book a free consultation with me to see how the LEAN CONTENT GAME PLAN™ can help:

inspiration stories that will get yur coaching business in shape!

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Some Of Your Colleagues Have Got Their Business In Shape With Me