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To: Freelancers, self-employed, Bloggers and Soloentrepreneurs
From: The Travelling Laptop of Juan Pablo Sans, AKA the Spanish Marketing Ninja and the Laptop Lifestyle Freelance Champion
Re: The big problem facing freelancers in developed countries
It’s the answer to the following conundrum:
“How can you compete with freelancers in developing countries who are willing to work for almost nothing?”
Here’s what the answer is NOT:
Lower your rates to even less than theirs…
Work 90 hours a week to pay the bills
‘Do your time in the field’
THE REAL ANSWER: By appealing to business owners who want quality work done. Who want to work with people they trust. Who don’t want to go back and forth 15 times every job needing revisions, because the freelancers didn’t understand their needs (yet insisted they did).
These people not only have the ability to pay more!
….they actually WANT to pay more.
The problem is – these people don’t know you exist…yet.
All this changes when claim the free Digital Nomad Bundle, where you will show the best-in-its-class training for freelancers, self-employed, bloggers and soloentrepreneurs that will help you attract, nurture and close all clients

Juan Pablo Sans

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